Bat Tattoo & Traditional Bat Tattoo Ideas *2020 Best


Bat Tattoo is closely linked to the various themes that have surrounded the animal for thousands of years. Traditional bat tattoo is closely related to the fears and superstitions that are found in almost everyone around fruit bat tattoo with few exceptions, such as in China, where they are a symbol of happiness and profit; this fact is reflected in the Chinese word fu, which means happiness and bat. Punctuated by the beliefs of different peoples and their ways of appreciating nature. For many, they represent evil, while for others they can show the noblest ideals of heroism and natural harmony. Depending on the point of view or a specific situation, they can go from being of the utmost importance for the dispersal and maintenance of large ecosystems to the cause of the most dramatic tragedies.

Bat Tattoo Ideas & Designs & Fonts

Bat Tattoo & Traditional Bat Tattoo Ideas *2020 Best

Bat wings tattoo are some tattoos that can be made in many shapes and designs. Without a doubt, one of the best-known bat silhouettes is that of Batman, just by seeing it we already recognize what animal it is. Neo traditional bat tattoo is nocturnal creatures that are associated with darkness, darkness, death, but what do we really know about these creatures of the night? Have you ever wondered what the role of bats is in nature and what they do for us? These animals are often used, in groups of five, traditionally in embroidery on clothing in the form of a talisman, and today this same design has reached the world of bat tattoo meaning. The five bats represent the five happiness according to Chinese culture: health, wealth, long life, good luck, and tranquility; This ancient design is often depicted in the color red, which for the Chinese is the color of joy.

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