Black Cat Tattoo & Traditional Black Cat Tattoo Design


Black Cat Tattoo is generally interpreted as a symbol of the occult, witchcraft, and pagan religions. Traditional black cat tattoo has become the epitome of black magic and evil spirits. There was a time when keeping a black cat in the home was enough to be accused of being a witch. The witch is supposed to turn into a black cat and send a curse on her. During the terrible times of the Middle Ages, the Inquisition carried out by the Roman Catholic Church, relentlessly persecuted people who considered themselves heretics or witches. In medieval Europe, women often have knowledge of medicinal herbs and other traditional healing remedies, this secular knowledge is the object of distrust on the part of the church, an institution run by men. Despite all these beliefs and considerations, black cat tattoo meaning is probably the most popular cat tattoo designs today. The black cat tat symbolizes feminism, women’s independence, and sexuality.

Black Cat Tattoo Ideas & Designs & Fonts

Black Cat Tattoo & Traditional Black Cat Tattoo Design

Black Cat Meaning of This Tattoo & Small Black Cat

Black cat tattoo was considered relatives or companions of witches, and sometimes having a black cat as a pet was reason enough for a woman to be accused of being a witch. In a period that has been called The Dark Ages, for good reason, small black cat tattoo was seen as demons undercover and creatures under the power of Satan. Nor did it help the reputation of the cat, that at this time, which coincided with the period of the Crusades, it was discovered that in the Middle East and Egypt cats were venerated by pagan religions. Women accused of being witches were often subjected to tests or physically tortured to extract a confession. Among these proofs was, for example, being thrown into a water tank, if the woman sank and drowned, she was innocent, and if she floated she was clearly a witch, in which case she would be burned alive at the stake. The black cat as a design for a traditional black cat tattoo can symbolize belief in feminism, independence from male dominance, or admiration for pagan religions, and also an attraction to witchcraft or spiritual beliefs.

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