Compass Rose Tattoo & Compass Rose Tattoo Meaning *2020 Best


Compass Rose Tattoo has a lot of symbolic charges inside. The compass rose tattoo meaning is associated with not getting lost in the middle of the ocean. Its design is very popular within the art of ink and hundreds of tattoos are made every day where the compass rose is part of the final design. Its geometric shape makes it very easy to combine it with any other element to expand its meaning within the same tattoo. In the world of rose compass tattoo, the love of travel and the sea is often represented by the Rose of the Winds. It is a symbol of cartographic and nautical origin since this rose was used in ancient maps and Portland to indicate directions and to be able to trace maritime routes.

Compass Rose Tattoo Ideas & Designs & Fonts

Compass Rose Tattoo & Compass Rose Tattoo Meaning *2020 Best

Compass rose tattoo winds represent the love for the sea and for travel. In addition, a metaphor is what unites this symbol with the search for our path in life. Below you have an extensive gallery with a simple compass rose tattoo, templates, and examples of the compass and rose tattoo for you to be inspired and see how it looks in some areas of the body such as the arm, back, ribs, leg, and others. We have also tried to choose a great variety of designs of the wind star so that you can see how it looks in black and white, in color, as painted with watercolors or even with mandala designs. A Rose of the Winds together with the design of an arrow combines the search for the path, with the strength to carry it forward, represented by the arrow that is one of the primitive weapons of man. A tattoo of a geometric shape that can be tattooed by adding a compass or a map, is a tattoo that they do also those who want to make a change in your life, take another course and not get lost along the way.

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