Dream Catcher Tattoo & Dream Catcher Tattoo on Foot *2020 Best Ever


Dream Catcher Tattoo is undoubtedly among the most popular today, especially among women, although some guys choose this type of design for a dream catcher tattoo on foot as well. The dream catchers have their origin in an ancient North American native people, whose members made a weaving within a ring, with dyed vegetable threads. Then they placed this gadget at the head of the bed where the children slept, to avoid nightmares. Other indigenous legends speak of a very wise superior being, in the shape of a spider, who told them to weave heart dream catcher tattoo to retain good ideas and positive concepts, leaving a space in the center so that negative ideas and bad thoughts could follow their path. without being held there.

Dream Catcher Tattoo Ideas & Designs & Fonts

Dream Catcher Tattoo & Dream Catcher Tattoo on Foot *2020 Best Ever

Dream catcher tattoo on ribs is related to the idea of ​​staying with positive feelings, ideas, and thoughts, letting go of what does not bring us anything good. They can also be a kind of charm for good luck or a symbol of spirituality. Other times it represents the desire to pursue our dreams without giving up. Whatever meaning you want to give to your wolf and dream catcher tattoo. In our gallery, we present large and small dream catcher tattoo, in black ink and in colors, placed on different parts of the body, such as the thigh, arm, back, and even the foot. The tattoos dream catchers are so popular among fans of the art of the tattoo because of the symbolism of the object itself. And it is that today, in many homes we can find a dream catcher, either in its ideal place in a decorative room due to the deep symbolic load it has. But what is its meaning?

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