Eye of Horus Tattoo & Ankh Tattoo With Eye of Horus


Eye of Horus Tattoo, then you will love the Egyptian eye or also called the Eye of Horus. In general, all ankh tattoo with eye of Horus always awakens our part of our beliefs. Of course, they have a great symbolic character that represents the culture that they lived in an intense way. Through designs, symbols, and figures, we can get a little closer to what the Egyptians wanted to convey to us. Today we will do it through the Egyptian eye of Horus tattoo design, as it is well known. It is one of the best known and most attractive, perhaps because it is something discreet and that we can adapt to all kinds of designs.

Eye of Horus Ideas & Designs & Fonts

Eye of Horus Tattoo & Ankh Tattoo With Eye of Horus

The eye of Horus tattoo, the eye of Ra, Wadjet, Udjat, or simply the eye, is a symbol and amulet of protection originating in ancient Egypt and associated with the goddess Wadjet, daughter of Ra. The Eye of Horus amulet was believed to have healing and protective powers. It was used for the living especially as protection against disease and for the dead to prevent the disintegration of the embalmed body. Today, the ankh tattoo with eye of Horus has become a popular tattoo that rescues the ancient beliefs about its protective powers, but the association of this symbol with the third eye has also become widespread since its shape resembles the pineal gland. The eye of Horus was also used as an offering from the eldest son to his dead father as a symbol of reverence for the parents.

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