Geometric Fox Tattoo Ideas and Designs *2020 Best of


Geometric Fox Tattoo, one of the popular tattoos lately. If you are a fan of tattoos and especially a fox photo, you should definitely check out the geometric fox tattoo that is now a hot trend among the new generation of tattoo lovers. It may be a new design but it has managed to attract a lot of attention, especially in the online tattoo communities. What is unique about this design is that its main characteristics-its ethereal quality, it’s being able to blur the lines of the body and it’s being a symbol for change-make it very effective as a subject matter for a tatted piece. That is why many tat enthusiasts are trying their hands to create their own geometric fox photo, with varying results.

Geometric Fox Tattoo Ideas & Designs & Fonts

Geometric Fox Tattoo Ideas and Designs *2020 Best of

Geometric Fox Meaning of This Tattoo & Small Geometric Fox

Geometric fox tattoo, you can create a new style with this tattoo. One good thing about this tattoo style is that it looks great on both the arm and the leg, which are one of the common characteristic features of a fox tattoo. And although some artists have been able to successfully render the look on the arm, many preferred to get it on their leg because of its element-blurring quality, especially when done on the rib cage. However, both the arm and the leg of a person are very important places because they are part of the human anatomy where there are constantly dividing lines, such as those that exist between the elbow and the thigh. This means that, whenever an artist tries to blur these lines in a particular tat theme, he or she will need to make sure that the effects would still be pleasing enough to the naked eyes of the viewers. Hence, both the rib cage and the legs photo tat styles have been successful in achieving their purpose so far.

Geometric Fox Tattoo Ideas and Designs *2020 Best of

Geometric fox tattoo, for those who are more into realistic details, watercolor foxes may be perfect for your ink. These foxes are commonly depicted as being sleeping peacefully while looking at flowers or other beautiful scenes. Some artists have managed to add some element of depth and shading by brushing in the colors of water and making them appear to be falling or drifting along with the image of the tatted piece. A good example of a watercolor fox photo can be seen below.

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