Jellyfish Tattoo & Jellyfish Tattoo Meaning *2020 Best


Jellyfish Tattoo is a constant among lovers of art on the skin. In this post, we bring you different jellyfish tattoo meaning made in our tattoo studio by our tattoo artists and we reveal their hidden meaning. This key figure from Greek mythology, represented by a beautiful woman with snake hair, becomes a very attractive tattoo for both men and women. Watercolor jellyfish tattoo was in Greek mythology a gorgon who turned into stone those who stared into her eyes, represented by a woman with hair of snakes and skin of scales. Legend has it that Jellyfish was beheaded by Perseus, who used her head as a weapon until she gave it to the goddess Athena to put it on her shield. From that moment it gained symbolism of protection and as an amulet.

Jellyfish Tattoo Ideas & Designs & Fonts

Jellyfish Tattoo & Jellyfish Tattoo Meaning *2020 Best

Jellyfish Tattoo, we want to convey that respect or even fear towards others, trying to hypnotize and trap them just as jellyfish did with her victims. A simple jellyfish tattoo also symbolizes the anger of women, as well as their power and wisdom. The identification of feminist women with the defenestrated figure of jellyfish has made this small jellyfish tattoo motif very popular with them. It is also all the rage among men since jellyfish symbolism goes beyond mythology and can be adapted to all kinds of different tattoo styles, as we will see below. Like any other type of tattoo that represents the face of a woman, jellyfish tattoos can be done in a multitude of different styles: a realistic, traditional, new school. But without a doubt, this tattoo adapts to new trends, and with it, The use of blackwork techniques is gaining popularity. The use of intense blacks and patterned shading is especially important in this tattoo, which brings an extra twist of tragedy to the already dramatic legend of this Goddess.


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