John Wick Tattoo & John Wick Back Tattoo *2020 New


John Wick Tattoo one of the popular tattoos lately. The John Wick Back Tattoo might be an ideal idea for you. John Wick is one of the more unique and entertaining action films of recent years. The movie itself is about an ex-Hitler Youth (Wick) who is given a second chance at life following the end of World War II. What many may not realize is that John Wick was actually trained by the Gesto Mafia in anticipation of his mission. As such, John has some history with the organization which is revealed through the plot of the movie. If you are looking for a unique tattoo design for your next event, John Wick Tattoo is a great choice. Many individuals have seen the new movie John Wick that follows an ex Hitler youth as he goes on his quest to exact revenge against a Russian mob family that worships God Father Maximoff. What many will find when watching this high action-packed film is that John Wick has a very similar tattoo inked on his upper back. In this particular tattoo design, John has a praying hand-design encircled by a red circle. Many individuals have interpreted this as a symbol of peace, but there are also those that read this design as a sign of John’s devotion to his faith, family, and a more personal sense of freedom.

John Wick Tattoo Ideas & Designs & Fonts

John Wick Tattoo & John Wick Back Tattoo *2020 New

John Wick Meaning of This Tattoo & Small John Wick

John Wick Tattoo the most well known and popular tattoos that feature John inked on his back are from the talented artist Mos Def, Iosef Tarasov, and Aleksandr Pushkin. These three men each have a unique tattoo of their own that can be found by checking out their websites. In case you do not know who these artists are, all three of them have created amazing pieces of art that can be considered hip hop/rap/street art pieces. The one similarity between each of these artists’ designs is that they all feature praying hands that are wrapped up and around a person’s back. One of the best looking designs that you will find on the body of John Wick is that of an assassin that is brandishing a sword and a dagger. The name of the tattoo that this person bears is referred to as “forts of the grave” which mean that death will bring only sorrow to his loved ones. This design is often coupled with a Latin phrase, which translates into “fate favors me.”

John Wick Tattoo & John Wick Back Tattoo *2020 New

John Wick Tattoo another tattoo that features John Wick as its lead character is a drawing that depicts a woman holding a baby in her arms while she cradles it in her arms. The Latin phrase that is featured in this particular design is “Sina Sana Corda,” which means “health favors me.” The significance of this phrase is that a person must always guard what is valuable to him because it will eventually mean his life. A wise man once said, “No one has ever died wishing for something more.” For people who are not familiar with the Latin tattoo meaning of “forts of the grave,” here is an explanation. Remember that this John Wick tattoo meaning is associated with protection and safety. This design depicts a person whose life is constantly threatened by enemies that want to harm him in any way possible. This person knows that though he may have a strong upper hand in battle, he must continue to fight until he is safely delivered from danger.

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