Joker Tattoo Designs & Joker Card Tattoo Ideas *2020 Best Ever


Joker Tattoo Designs is one of the most iconic and popular characters in comics and movies. Joker card tattoo, symbolizing disorder, and darkness. It is not by chance that he is represented by the figure similar to the Joker present in the cards of the Tarot deck since he hides his true intentions and personality under the guise of a court jester. Created in 1940 by the American publisher DC Comics, the joker hand tattoo, who plays the roles of crime genius and deadly enemy of the superhero Batman.

Joker Tattoo Ideas & Designs & Fonts

Joker Tattoo Designs & Joker Card Tattoo Ideas *2020 Best Ever

Joker smile tattoo, which is related to the culture of marginalization and crime, there are those who believe that this represents balance and neutrality since it is a card in the deck that can be replaced by any other. Surrounded by ambiguous symbologies, each one is responsible for its particular definition. He’s just a little more careful not to get confusing interpretations. Outside of this, please feel free to check out our gallery below with 10 incredible joker tattoo ideas suggestions, and seek inspiration. The joker and Harley Quinn tattoo is a bad guy with a personality, who faithfully follows the motto before dead than simple his appearance is always eccentric with his face made up of white and clothes in bright colors combined with each other.

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