Molon Labe Tattoo Ideas and Designs *2021 New


Molon Labe Tattoo is a popular term among many people who are proud to display an inscribed message of importance, or even self-possessed, as they like to call it. The word “labe” means blade and in this case, is the literal translation. “Molon” is also a Greek word well known to Army people; it was the military slogan permanently etched on their forearm many years ago at Aces High Tattoo located in West Palm Beach. “Molon” means guard and is used by Tea Party and firearm rights activists,” according to the National Tattoo Gallery.

Molon Labe Tattoo Ideas & Designs & Fonts

Molon Labe Tattoo Ideas and Designs *2021 New

Molon Labe Meaning of This Tattoo & Small Molon Labe

Molon Labe tattoo, there are a wide variety of other designs and options available, but many people stick to the original one that was done on top of the forearm. “Molon” has become a symbol of pride for those who choose to wear it. This particular design was first popularized by the band Insane. Many people have chosen this particular name for their particular tattoo and you will see many people with this design all over the place. You can even see the “MOLON” name being used on certain things, such as guns and assault rifles.

Molon Labe Tattoo Ideas and Designs *2021 New

Molon Labe tattoo has its roots in ancient Greek and Egyptian societies. These ancient societies revered these helmets as symbols of bravery and honor. As you can see, there is a lot of history behind this particular “tat” and it is not just something that you are going to be interested in. It’s important to know that the ancient Greeks and Egyptians never intended for their warriors to wear something as mundane as a mace and shield. They wanted to exude greatness and that is why they wore these magnificent Greek letters on their heads!

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