Negative Space Tattoo & Space Sleeve Tattoo Designs

Negative Space Tattoo is as mysterious as the universe they represent. No one can resist the charms of a Space Sleeve Tattoo. Whether with planets, stars, constellations, or even satellites, space tattoos are not a very seen design, which, together with their great versatility, makes them ideal candidates for a precious piece. The Fascination for the cosmos is not something new because humanity has always had a great impulse to seek to understand it and to find out what its message was. Proof of this is in cave paintings and other early art forms from thousands of years ago. With all the research and studies in the universe, there are still very few people who can claim to know everything about it. This curiosity is what makes people want to have an outer space tattoo etched on their own skin.

Negative Space Tattoo Ideas & Designs & Fonts

Negative Space Tattoo & Space Sleeve Tattoo Designs

Negative Space Meaning of This Tattoo & Small Negative Space

Negative Space Tattoo & Space Sleeve Tattoo Designs

Outer space tattoo goes a long way. Does the vastness of Jupiter attract you? The scarlet sky of the Red Planet? The perfect alienation of the Solar System? Whether with large or small designs, if you find the perfect tattoo artist, the design will be too. And, if you are looking for something even more original, you can always get something different like a satellite or a rocket. These are perfect in black and white, because they add drama, and are a good option if you want to approach the space in a less romantic and more scientific way. If you decide on a see you space cowboy tattoo that represents any of the junk that we launch into space, the geometric space tattoo can show your love for science and conquest. The space tattoos are beautiful and very versatile, in addition to being immensely large or tiny. What is your favorite design?

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The average time required for an arm sleeve is 12–16 hours, but some take 70 hours or more.

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