Oni Mask Tattoo & Oni Mask Tattoo Design *2020 Best


Oni Mask Tattoo has become the most popular in the world, proof of this is that it even has its own emoji, oni mask tattoo design has been part of series and programs worldwide, and has a large presence on social networks. This character refers to a demon, with red skin and fangs, however, despite his appearance, the belief is that he can be used for good and for evil, the only rule behind Oni is to try to keep him happy. This mode will be good for you. The Oni are typical figures of Japanese folklore, they are a kind of mountain demon similar to western ogres, they are known as unpleasant, evil beasts whose objective is to drag the spirit of the deceased to the depths of the afterlife. It is a widely used figure whose characters are very popular in traditional Japanese oni mask tattoo, literature, and theater. Learn more about these beasts here.

Oni Mask Tattoo Ideas & Designs & Fonts

Oni Mask Tattoo & Oni Mask Tattoo Design *2020 Best

Oni mask tattoo is said to be derived from the word on- which means to hide or hide, this adapts very well to these creatures, since it is said that they were unpleasant and invisible spirits, they caused disasters and diseases. These beasts took different forms to deceive and thus be able to devour humans. The belief in this beast began to have a greater boom between the 18th and 19th centuries, it aims to make representations of the supernatural and the various stages of human life. According to the Buddhists, there is the Oni mask tattoo design of the earth who are responsible for diseases and epidemics, and on the other hand, there are the Oni of hell, who seek to hunt down sinners, deliver them to the God of Hell and the invisible demons that are detected because they sing or whistle. It is said that there are two possible origins of the Oni, the first one tells that these spirits took the modern form of an ogre due to the modernism of the creatures that were imported by Buddhism, such as the cases of rakshasa and yaksha from India or the demonic subordinates of Enma-Daiou, who punishes sinners in hell.

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