Orchid Tattoo & Black Orchid Tattoo Ideas *2020 Best


Orchid Tattoo is very popular, especially for its symbolism. Black orchid tattoo is one of the most appreciated in the world. Orchid is beautiful flowers that are characterized by curved petals, colorful, and elegant. The orchid is one of the most appreciated in the world. Orchid flower tattoo is a very obvious sexual symbol: their name comes from the Greek Orchis or testicle since one of its varieties has this shape. But it is not only a symbol of sexuality for that reason: most of its species have a silky, carnal texture, like the sex of a woman; There is even erotic photography with orchids as protagonists. The Greeks associated it with virility and strength and believed that the sex of children could be chosen by eating one type or another from the roots. The Aztecs prepared, a drink with cocoa and vanilla for the warriors as it gave them vigor.

Orchid Tattoo Ideas & Designs & Fonts

Orchid Tattoo & Black Orchid Tattoo Ideas *2020 Best

Orchid tattoo meaning is a flower that represents beauty, sensuality, and seduction. Also, its color may vary its meaning. A white orchid alludes to purity and eternity or pure love. A red orchid is synonymous with sexual desire and passion. While the blue orchids transmit peace and harmony. A very interesting one is the black orchid tattoo. Its true color is deep red or purple that can appear black. For a long time, especially in the Renaissance, it was a symbol of the upper class, its striking tone signifies power and authority. The main characteristic of the orchid is its ornamental factor. Their characteristic shape and diversity of colors make them perfect elements to decorate the skin or complement other tattoos. To build your design you find possibilities that go from a single orchid or a bouquet to showy compositions. Small orchid tattoo, such as a bouquet of orchids, seeks to evoke the femininity, elegance, and delicacy of the wearer or of a female figure in his life. This version is often found in geometric, black and white, or watercolor style designs.

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