Ouroboros Tattoo & Ouroboros Tattoo Fma *2020 Best


The Ouroboros Tattoo is one of the most appreciated and popular contemporary art forms in recent years. There are those who prefer to get their back ouroboros tattoo fma in the neo-traditional style and those who love ouroboros tattoo meaning and symbols, especially if they have special meanings. As we have seen in some of our previous articles, many of the symbols and figures used in this splendid pictorial art are borrowed from various cultures and traditions, both present and past. The Ouroboros It is represented by the serpent that bites its tail and is a symbol that goes back to various ages crossing cultures ranging from the Aztecs to the alchemists of Europe.

Ouroboros Tattoo Ideas & Designs & Fonts

Ouroboros Tattoo & Ouroboros Tattoo Fma *2020 Best

Ouroboros tattoo Fullmetal alchemist derives from the Greek ourobóros, which literally means serpent that bites its tail and is one of the oldest mystical symbols in the world. However, the etymology of the term is closely linked to the alchemical tradition, that is, esoteric science spread before the introduction of the scientific method. It is a very ancient symbol that represents a snake or a dragon in the act of biting its tail, continuously regenerating itself. Regardless, in each of these the ouroboros tattoo wrist represents the cyclical nature of the universe and its constant process of creation and destruction. However, ouroboros tattoo design can be drawn in several ways: a snake chasing its tail, two doing the same, or in a winged form, similar to a dragon. It is often associated with Yin and Yang, especially in dragon form. This indicates and expands the meaning of the duality of life and the fact that opposites attract. The snake that bites its tail has always been recognized as representative of the occult and magical. This explains why in many cases it is associated with the so-called pentacle or star of Solomon.

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