The Rock Tattoo & The Rock New Tattoo Ideas *2020 Best


The Rock Tattoo in one of his films: on the right arm there is a bull and on the left, there is a huge the rock new tattoo, but do you know what the rock tattoo meaning? The tattoo on the right arm is the smaller of the two tattoos of the Rock and is a bull that precisely represents the zodiac sign of Dwayne Johnson, since he was born on May 2 under the constellation of Taurus. On the other arm, there is a much larger one that also includes the pectoral and shoulder blade, which is the one that has attracted the most attention because it is a the rock new tattoo design.

The Rock Tattoo Ideas & Designs & Fonts

The Rock Tattoo & The Rock New Tattoo Ideas *2020 Best

The Rock Tattoo has a much more special meaning, as it represents the customs of Polynesia, where precisely La Roca has a title like Great Chief, a fact that very few know. Indeed, he himself has been in charge of confirming that he represents the story of his life and his ancestors in a very special and motivating way, especially every time he has to face challenges, hard training, and fighting. However, for fans, it has become an example to follow, as there have been few who have requested a replica. The fame that the rock chest tattoo has earned has also made it one of the best in its category, helping to popularize the Maori rather than the tribal design that set the trend a decade ago. Dwayne chose an artist named Nikko Hurtado to make this change, perhaps one of the most important in his life since he has always commented that the rock tattoo cover-up for him is a very important part of his life and his Samoan traditions.

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