Turtle Tattoo & Sea Turtle Tattoo Design *2020 Best Tattoo


Turtle Tattoo, due to its great extension and distribution, can take on different meanings given the value. The sea turtle tattoo is a very powerful symbol in a large number of cultures, and that is why it has become the protagonist of many turtle tattoos that cause a sensation anywhere in the world. From a symbolic point of view, that these animals have acquired for different cultures. Turtles are frequently described in popular culture in various regions as tolerant, patient, and wise creatures. Due to their long life, slow movements, and a wrinkled appearance, they are an emblem of longevity and serenity in many cultures around the world. They also have an important role in various mythologies where they are often involved in creation. On the other hand, they are used as symbols of marine biology and environmentalism. The turtle has been a powerful spiritual symbol in an important series of traditions and cultures around the world, hence the tribal turtle tattoo of this animal has achieved such dissimilar meanings. From the Native Americans to the Japanese, through Africa and the Pacific Islands, there are countless legends about the creation of the universe and the things that have the turtle as a central character.

Turtle Tattoo Ideas & Designs & Fonts

Turtle Tattoo & Sea Turtle Tattoo Design *2020 Best Tattoo

Japanese turtle tattoo represents mother earth and is honored for saving humanity from the great flood in many folk legends from this region of the world. She is the immortal mother who, stoically, silently carries the heavy burden of man on her thick back. Many species have thirteen sections under their belly and some people say that these represent each of the thirteen moons which makes them a celestial symbol of motherhood. This association with Mother Earth and the Ocean may explain why turtles represent the female cycle and the movements of the Moon. There are many animal tattoos that we have published in the ninja turtle tattoo. Although, I have found it curious to find that none of my fellow editors have ever talked about sea turtles. That is why taking advantage of the summer, I can’t find a better time than this to talk about sea ​​turtle tattoos. Turtle tribal tattoo that, unlike what it may seem, hides a beautiful meaning. First of all, we must comment that in Greek culture, sea ​​turtles are a symbol of women, therefore, these types of tattoos are very common in women, although as you will see below, it is not something exclusive to the female sex. A man can also capture this animal on his skin. For many years, there have been numerous myths and legends around this animal.

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