Cherry Blossom Tattoo & Cherry Blossom Tree Tattoo *2020 New


Cherry Blossom Tattoo is very popular and generally characterized by its beauty and delicacy. Do not think that only women can get a cherry blossom tree tattoo, there are also very interesting designs for men. In this article, we are going to explain the meanings that a watercolor cherry blossom tattoo can have and we are going to present. Cherry blossoms have a very particular characteristic. They last a very short time. They never wither, because when they are in their maximum splendor, they fall delicately at the first breeze. For this reason, Japanese culture takes this flower as a metaphor for life, which is very beautiful but lasts only a moment.

Cherry Blossom Tattoo Ideas & Designs & Fonts

Cherry Blossom Tattoo & Cherry Blossom Tree Tattoo *2020 New

Cherry blossom tattoo sleeve in a very, very realistic style. The subtlety of the details is striking, look at the delicate white lines of the petals, the stamens in black, the color gradient, in short, a truly amazing design. In addition, this flower is also a symbol of delicacy and femininity. On the other hand, the cherry blossom branch tattoo is used as an emblem in Bushido, the samurai code that speaks of integrity, bravery, and honor. There is no greater honor for a samurai than to die like the cherry blossom, in battle, in his prime. For these reasons, a cherry blossom tattoo in black and white can symbolize the ephemerality of life and the importance of living each moment intensely. Now that you have an idea of ​​the meaning of cherry blossom tattoos, let’s see a few photos of designs for women and also for men.

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